Data Loss: Not a Problem with These Basic Web Security Techniques
Posted on August 15th, 2015 at 3:43 am by Mish Asia

Security issues, one topic that scores of programmers worry about. In this day and age, offline or online, no one is exempted from the bad elements this world has to offer. However it is more unlikely to occur that web security can be that of an issue today, since there are security protocols and backups provided by the latest technology. Technology can still hold off these cyber infiltrators.


Web security techniques that you can count on are redundant servers. Let us say you have a client, a Thai school and under that site, pages from the home page to the Thai classes page was hacked because you did not avail a backup server that does not have sufficient backups.

Availing a server with redundant servers is a must as these will help you prevent from experiencing data loss. This technique is the best way to tell your clients that whenever a hacker tries to hack their data, a backup is always around to support any illegal access to your files or data. This type of support helps both the programmer and the client save their effort, money and time from hackers. The only party that looses something here is the hacker.

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